Chalk Art Returns to EPCOT International Festival of the Arts (Photos)

Hi everyone!

Chalk art is another one of my favorite aspects of EPCOT International Festival of the Arts, with the talented chalk artists creating works of art every day. The chalking began a couple of days before the festival did this year, so that some chalk art was available to view on opening day (January 14th). I will be posting artwork occasionally as the festival progresses. Here are photos from the last few days!

Chalk Art can be found on the walkway to World Showcase.

A few days ago, Leigh was working on her first artwork of the festival. Leigh and 3D artist Nate Baranowski (not here this weekend) are the two artists who chalk Disney characters.

Leigh poses with her artwork of the Fab 5. The characters look like they are getting ready for a cruise.

On opening day of EPCOT International Festival of the Arts, this chalk art was complete. The walkway isn’t my favorite location that the artists have been at due to shadows.

Another chalk artist was creating his second piece on this day.

Leigh was working on Mickey and Pluto art yesterday along with Minnie.

Another artist was creating art inspired by the festival.

A tube of paint with Spaceship Earth on it offers up paint in rainbow colors.

The artwork is displayed along the sides of the walkway.

Leigh was working on Minnie later in the day.

Minnie holds Figaro.

This year, there is also National Geographic inspired artwork.

There are 10 artists noted on the Chalk Art sign who will be chalking during the festival.

The chalk art changes frequently. Sometimes it rains and will wash some of it away, or it fades and the artists start over. Each day is different!