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Taking a Closer Look at Disneyland Paris 30th Anniversary Merchandise

Hi everyone!

Disneyland Paris will be releasing over 350 items for the upcoming 30th Anniversary celebration, which kicks off on March 6th, 2022 (the actual anniversary date is April 12th). Not all merchandise will release at the beginning of the celebration, but hopefully a lot will. There are so many items! We posted a general article already, but I cropped closer most of the items shared by Disneyland Paris to give a better look at what to expect – turning 3 photos into about 30 pictures. Take a closer look at what is coming!

First, here is a video that includes some merchandise not in this article.

The 30th Anniversary Loungefly had been shared previously. I love the Disneyland Paris letter decoration that can also be found on other items.

Here is a look at that logo, with Tinker Bell and Sleeping Beauty Castle as part of the first “D”.

Here is a look at one photo frame.

Mickey and Minnie wear iridescent costumes in these plush dolls.

This shirt features the stylized lettering (there is also a Spirit Jersey in a video that has the same letters).

There is a Mickey soap dispenser, and also in this photo are a mug and bowl.

Another t-shirt can be seen here.

There is a fan, a Mickey glass and figures of Mickey and Minnie.

Chip and Dale are dressed for the 30th and hold a “30”. There is a phone case by RhinoShield as well.

Here is a sequined ear headband.

This is a light-up Sorcerer Mickey hat next to a water bottle.

There is a tag in this photo from Disney saying that the hat lights up.

This ear headband features Chip and Dale.

There is both a Mickey and a Goofy 30th pin here.

The shopping bag features the 30th logo.

It wouldn’t be a Disneyland Paris merchandise collection without including gold and Tinker Bell.

An ear headband features gold sequins.

This Dooney & Bourke features Sleeping Beauty Castle and Tinker Bell.

There is a champagne flute and mug.

A gold and black handbag features Tinker Bell. I am not sure if the item to the right is a shirt.

The hat features Tinker Bell with the castle.

This Dooney & Bourke holds a 30th Anniversary notepad and is tied with what looks like a 30th Anniversary scarf/handkerchief.

Here is another collection, one that reminds me of some of the 25th Anniversary as far as font.

There is a variety of apparel.

A hat features Mickey.

This looks like a bucket hat with a pattern that other merchandise has.

There is a backpack and mug in this photo, plus what looks to be mints.

RhinoShield recently partnered with Disneyland Paris for phone cases. The other item looks like a container, and then a water bottle.

Mickey and Minnie sport 30th Anniversary attire.

A waist pack features Mickey.

And this looks like a hoodie.

These are dozens of the items that will be available but only a small part of the 350+ that we’ll find arriving to Disneyland Paris. The resort didn’t do as much for the holiday season as far as merchandise this year, but they have spent a ton of effort into 30th Anniversary items (I am glad to have a second free suitcase available on our upcoming trip!)

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  • Each time I have visited Disneyland Paris, I have purchased a ceramic storage jar,
    are there storage jars to commemorate the 30th celebration please?
    Also what are the pictures on the silk scarf?

  • Hi there! I only cropped what was available from the high-resolution photos. When Disneyland Paris gives more merchandise information, I will post it and we also plan to be there for the kickoff in March and I will post what is available at that time. – Denise

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