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Disneyland Paris Shares 5 Reasons to Enjoy Disney’s Sequoia Lodge This Winter

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Disneyland Paris shares 5 reasons to enjoy Disney’s Sequoia Lodge resort. This was the first on-property resort I stayed at, during the 10th Anniversary of Disneyland Paris in 2002. While we now usually stay off property, we do like to go over to the Sequoia Lodge for dinner or a drink (or when the Infinity Pass offered it, the pool). A lot of attention has been given lately to Disney’s Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel, but Disney’s Sequoia Lodge is just a few minutes walk away and feels like a different world. The photos and text below were given to us by Disneyland Paris to share!

Every season at Disneyland Paris is full of wonders and surprises. But there is a place that particularly stands out in the winter – Disney’s Sequoia Lodge. Here are the reasons why…

Winter is part of its history

As soon as Guests arrive at Disney’s Sequoia Lodge, the beautiful fresco at the front desk sets the mood for their journey. It depicts the different seasons in U.S. national parks, with snow-covered mountains that symbolize winter. As you travel through time and space, take a moment to admire Mount Rushmore. It appears that in addition to the four American Presidents whose faces were carved into the side of a mountain, a fifth historical figure is also featured. Wouldn’t it be our dear friend Mickey?

Its architecture has been designed especially for the winter season

Disney’s Sequoia Lodge architecture is reminiscent of a cabin in the middle of the woods in a U.S. national park. Natural materials – including wood and stone – and refined shapes were used to reproduce the style of “Prairies Houses”, as designed by Architect Franck Lloyd Wright, who wanted to create houses in harmony with nature. They add both a touch of authenticity and warmth to the different buildings. The front desk’s sloped roof is inspired by those built in big American lodges, which are less affected by snow buildup during harsh winters.

Its fireplace is an iconic spot

There is nothing better than a nice fire when it’s cold outside! Covered with stone and featuring a double hearth, the Redwood Bar & Lounge’s fireplace is one of the biggest in Europe. It is inspired by the one that was built inside the Old Faithfull Inn Hotel that is located at Yellowstone Park in the United States so that visitors can stay warm in the winter while waiting to see the next eruption of the famous geyser, which occurs every 88 minutes on average.

Its dishes are adapted based on the season

After a day filled with adventures at Disneyland Paris, what’s better than a good meal at the Hunter’s Grill restaurant to regain one’s strength? The restaurant’s decoration – which is composed of snowshoes and wood-burning stoves – is a nod to winter weather. In addition, its all-you-can-eat buffet currently features the delicious and traditional raclette dish – just like in our mountains – but for a limited time only. So, let’s give ourselves a treat!

Its rooms combine comfort and warmth

The hotel boasts around 1,011 rooms, which are spread across the main building and five different lodges. Among them, the “Sierra Lodge” is a nod to the Sierra Nevada in California, which is overlooked by Mount Whitney (with an elevation of 14,505 feet), the name of which derives from the permanent snow that covers its highest peaks. Just the thought of it makes us want to spend time wrapped in a quilt, with patchwork bedspreads which are reminiscent of the mountain.