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Disney Adventure Friends Cavalcade Debuts at Magic Kingdom (Photos, Video)

Hi everyone!

The Disney Adventure Friends Cavalcade debuted yesterday at the Magic Kingdom as part of Walt Disney World’s 50th Anniversary. The cavalcade boasts about 30 Disney characters, the most of any Magic Kingdom cavalcade to date. We have photos and video from yesterday!

Our video is shot from 4 angles, including Frontierland and at the hub with Cinderella Castle in view.

The first characters are Miguel, Woody, Jessie, and Mr. and Mrs. Incredible as the Pixar friends in the cavalcade. Miguel is new to Florida but we’ve seen him at Disneyland (he debuted with the “Magic Happens” parade in 2020).

This cavalcade was VERY popular yesterday, with guests getting to see so many characters.

Next is one of two floats, featuring Disney princesses Moana, Merida, Elena, Pocohantas and Mulan.

Here is a look at the side of the float, with a compass.

Following the float were Meeko, Timon, Baloo, Terk and King Louie.

Many of the characters we’ve seen recently but there are some rare ones as well, like Terk.

Jasmine and Aladdin are next, with Genie.

The second float features Clarabelle Cow, Nick, Judy, Jose and Panchito.

And after that float are the final characters – Marie, Stitch, Max, Mary Poppins and Bert. We haven’t seen Marie much at Walt Disney World in current years. Many years ago she had a Magic Kingdom meet and greet.

There is a lot of entertainment returning to Walt Disney World, and the cavalcades have been very popular. The guests around me were really excited to see so many characters and it doesn’t take much time to watch (just a few minutes). Check the My Disney Experience app for times of the cavalcades during your visit!