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Our Visit to the Red Garter Saloon at Disney’s Hotel Cheyenne, Disneyland Paris (with Full Menu from March 2022)

Hi everyone!

We visited all the Disneyland Paris hotel bars during our March 2022 trip (except the Skyline Bar at Disney’s Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel, which we’ve been to several times). One of those hotel bars we visited was the Red Garter Saloon at Disney’s Hotel Cheyenne. The resort is themed to the American Old West and is a moderate style hotel compared to the more deluxe Disney’s Newport Bay Club, Disney’s Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel and Disney’s Sequoia Lodge. Here is our experience with menus from March, 2022!

The Red Garter Saloon can be entered from outside or inside the resort. It is located near the Chuck Wagon buffet.

There is a menu outside that lists everything offered. I have photos of the menu pages below in the article.

Outside of the Red Garter Saloon, there are tables and chairs as well as benches a little further out.

The Red Garter Saloon has been open from 4:00 p.m. until midnight. All of our bar visits were off-hours, we arrived not long after 4:00 p.m.

Here  is a look at the tables and chairs outside.

If you walk through the lobby instead, there is an entrance here.

This is the view from our table. The bar wasn’t busy, and it didn’t take long for our drinks.

We were seated close to the stage, which includes a piano.

We mostly were focused on the menus for our articles (next visit we will focus on the bar atmosphere too). Each bar has a regular menu and a “Celebration Menu” for the 30th Anniversary.

On the Celebration Menu, the treats were Mini Mickey Beignets for 6 Euros and Galette St. Michel Mickey for 12 Euros.

The cocktails were a Creamy Smoothie for 9.50 Euros, the Happy Birthday Cocktail for 12.50 Euros and the Royal Enchanted Cocktail for 12.50 Euros. The 30th Anniversary Cuvée is available – red or white wine, 9 Euros for a glass or 38 Euros for a bottle.

We didn’t purchase anything from the 30th menu at the Red Garter Saloon, although we did at other bars. We decided to choose from the Cocktails du Far West menu. What we ordered doesn’t look like the menu photos, I just noticed that. But for just 10 Euros each, they weren’t a bad price at all. I ordered the Butch Cassidy, which features Saint James Ambré rum, Cocody liquor, coco creme, banana nectar and cherry syrup. Jeff ordered the Rangers, with Skyy Infusions citrus vodka, wild strawberry liquor, strawberry nectar and apple juice.

We didn’t order the Jessie James cocktail, which is 12.50 Euros and includes Maker’s Mark bourbon.

Jeff’s drink filled the glass, mine not as much. They were both decent drinks, mine was a little uninspired for a rum cocktail but we enjoyed them. We also received peanuts with the drinks.

Much of the rest of the menu is similar to what you’ll find at other bars. The prices do vary at the various hotels, with lower prices here and Disney’s Hotel Santa Fe on cocktails than at other hotel bars. Cocktails include for 10 Euros the Bacardi Mojito, Aperol Spritz and a piña colada. There is a Red Glow-Tini for 12.50 Euros.

Draft beers are 1664 Premium and Grimbergen d’Abbaye blond. Beer and wine prices can be very similar to soda prices in France, including at Disneyland Paris. There are more bottled beers here, including Desperados and Guinness. There is also a list of rums, tequilas, vodkas and more.

There are a few zero-proof cocktails.

One page is dedicated to a small amount of wines, spirits and the Lanson Cuvée Disneyland Paris.

If you are looking for soft drinks, you can find Coca-Cola, Fanta, Sprite, Fuze Tea, juices, coffees, hot cocoa, tea and more. There is also an Irish Coffee in the corner for 10 Euros.

There are a small amount of snacks here, including a cheese pizza for 12 Euros (I have never had it and have no idea if it is good), a ham and cheese pizza, chips and such. If I was looking for a snack at the hotel, I’d be more likely to go to Starbucks. There are also options in Disney Village and at the RER station (we went to Pret a Manger many times this trip), at the Esso gas station within walking distance (just outside Disney’s Hotel Santa Fe) and even in the General Store at Disney’s Hotel Cheyenne. At the bottom of the menu there are several single-serve ice cream options.

Here are two more photos of our drinks. What I love is that Disneyland Paris has themed napkins, coasters and at some locations, paper placemats for the 30th Anniversary. It makes a difference.

We enjoyed our stop at the Red Garter Saloon. If you have only time for one bar at Disneyland Paris, I’d actually recommend the Skyline Bar at Disney’s Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel. But for the price point, the drinks were fine at the Red Garter Saloon and the atmosphere is unique. Just FYI – this location, as other bars at Disneyland Paris hotels can get very busy later in the day.