“Disney: The Lion King” (The Full Film Script) Book Releasing April 5th, 2022

Hi everyone!

I posted yesterday about “The Little Mermaid -The Full Film Script” book releasing next week (April 5th) and there is also “The Lion King – The Full Film Script” releasing the same day. I did order this book so I can review it. I had noticed the books online for quite some time but didn’t realize they were not just film scripts, but have archival images and sketches and such. The 176-page book is from the editors of Canterbury Classics. Here is more information on “The Lion King – The Full Film Script“!

Fans of The Lion King will be enthralled by the full script, complete lyrics, hundreds of rarely seen archival images, developmental sketches, insider stories, and historical details gathered from the Walt Disney Archives.

Enjoy one of your favorite Disney animated classics in a new way: the full script, complete lyrics, an extensive collection of rare archival images, and insider stories on the development of The Lion King. Included in this volume are hundreds of behind-the-scenes facts about the production, animation, and historical and cultural frameworks of the film, along with stories from the film’s producer Don Hahn and co-directors Rob Minkoff and Roger Allers. All these engrossing facts and details are brought to life with rarely seen photographs, original sketches, and historical images curated from the Walt Disney Archives and Walt Disney Animation Research Library. Readers will enjoy an in-depth experience of this beloved Disney classic and gain a deeper appreciation for the animators, writers, musicians, and voice actors who brought the story to life.


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