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Photos, Video: Easter Egg Display at Disney’s Beach Club Resort 2022

Hi everyone!

Disney’s Beach Club Resort is back with an Easter egg display this year, combining some decorated character eggs from previous years with new eggs for 2022. Here is a look at the display!

First, our video that includes both Disney’s Yacht and Beach Club Resort displays.

I will have a separate article for Disney’s Yacht Club Resort.

This gorgeous Zootopia egg looks similar to 2019 with some modifications.

Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde are featured.

Around the base it says “Zootopia” and there are donuts, pawpsicles and a pawpsicle sign.

There are also carrots.

This adorable Stitch is a returning egg.

“Happy Easter” Mickey and Minnie eggs sit next to Stitch.

The Duffy and ShellieMay eggs are gorgeous!

ShellieMay wears a bow on her head, and Duffy a similar one at his neck.

There is an Easter basket that was created behind them with eggs.

Duffy’s feet have Mickey shapes.

ShellieMay’s feet do as well.

There is a “Moana” egg on top.

This Princess Tiana egg returns from last year.

This Steamboat Willie popcorn bucket egg also is a returning one.

My favorite of the returning eggs is the “Little Mermaid” scene for “Kiss the Girl”. The egg continues on the back in an unexpected way.

In this scene, you can see Sebastian singing and Flounder in the center.

Half of the egg is that scene, half of it is Ursula.

The egg is sectioned in half with Flotsam and Jetsam and Ursula on the other side.

Ursula holds her crystal ball.

I will be posting the eggs at Disney’s Yacht Club Resort today as well. The Cast Members are always so talented at the various resorts!