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Walt’s – an American Restaurant Soft Opens at Disneyland Paris with Official April 12th Opening (Photos)

Hi everyone!

Our friends Rony and Sofie dined inside Walt’s – an American Restaurant at Disneyland Paris during the first soft reopening day, April 6th, 2022. Rony shared with us their meal and menu photos from that day, along with some thoughts on the food. Walt’s is a gorgeous restaurant full of Disney history.

The lobby photos were taken by Jeff last month when we were inside the restaurant for a (non-dining) media event. Disneyland Paris did share a nice history of Walt’s with some great photos, we posted it here. Jeff and I had been the last to dine in Walt’s while it was open to the public in September 2019 before its 2 1/2 year closure. Walt’s officially reopens on April 12th – on the 30th Anniversary of Disneyland Paris (and the 30th Anniversary of Walt’s). My first time dining here was in 2022, during the week of the 10th Anniversary.

The bust of Walt is iconic. Behind him is the elevator to the left, stairs to the right.

Walt and his parents are in photos on the wall. There is a lot to see in the lobby, one of these days we’ll go through all of our photos from the various times we’ve dined.

Here are a couple of more photos from the lobby.

I believe Rony and his wife ended up in this room, which is where we always seem to be for dining.

The green menu covers are the same as before.

At the various restaurants and bars, a celebration menu is included. It features the special food and drinks that can be ordered. There is also a paper here for the Walt’s pin that is being sold to diners, 16 Euros.

He ordered one of the drinks on the menu.

Disneyland Paris has gone above and beyond with the theming of food and drinks in a way they never have.

The menu has been scaled back from previously, with a Walt’s Menu for 42 Euros.

The menu is different but the Waldorf Salad is the same or similar, and there is chili on the menu. Just as on the previous menu, there is Isigny cream being used (and I assume the butter too), in a nod to Walt.

They had a nice window seat.

This is the Waldorf Salad, which looks very similar to when Jeff ordered it in 2019 – maybe smaller and I don’t see croutons here.

Rony said the Chicken Pot Pie was great and he liked the Mickey on it. What is notable here is the new plate, that has the same design as the teapot we have had at the table when dining here.

Here is a look at the design on the plate.

This is my teapot at Walt’s from 2019.

Rony said the fish (Cajun-Spiced Arctic Char) was “dry and overcooked” and they didn’t find it combined well with the rice.

Rony ordered the chicken, and said it was perfectly cooked (Roast Chicken Breast with Mashed Sweet Potato, Asparagus and Pan-Fried Gem Lettuce).

“Dream…and Shine Brighter!” passed below.

Rony said that Mini Dôme Mickey cake was gorgeous (and delicious). It has white chocolate mousse, strawberry and almond shortbread and is served under a dome. This isn’t the only location that it is served at.

The “30” underneath the cake can be seen after it was finished. I would love to see similar dishes for sale!

They ended with some bubbly.

Thanks to Rony and Sofie for picking us up a Walt’s pin.

Thank you also to Rony for the photos and we’ll have some video for our show. We do plan to get back to Disneyland Paris either this summer or early fall and I so look forward to dining again at Walt’s – an American Restaurant.