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Magic Kingdom Easter Pre-Parade Returns for 2022 (Photos, Video)

Hi everyone!

The Magic Kingdom Easter Pre-Parade is back at Walt Disney World this weekend after taking two years off. While the pre-parade is somewhat different this year, it is wonderful to hear the familiar music and see some of the characters we have come to know from the parade. Here are our photos and video from today!

First, our video:

Cast Members hold a banner at opposite ends of the pre-parade. The Fantasia hippos and ostriches are behind them here.

I photographed it from a few locations today.

The Fantasia hippos throw confetti in the air from their baskets.

I chose this angle in Frontierland because of the Country Bears (Liver Lips and Big Al during this set) in the background.

Dancers in vintage costumes were next.

Mr. and Mrs. Easter Bunny are in the gazebo float this year. Usually they are driven in a car, with other characters in the gazebo.

Mr. Easter Bunny waved to the Country Bears.

Mr. and Mrs. Easter Bunny posed together and separately.

The Easter Bunny waves to the White Rabbit.

Various performers dressed as butterflies and flowers.

The dancers dressed as chickens are also back.

At the end of the pre-parade, Clara Cluck.

It was great to see the Magic Kingdom Easter Pre-Parade back today!