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TRON Lightcycle Run Coaster Testing Continues at Magic Kingdom (Photos, Video from April 25th, 2022)

Hi everyone!

During our visit to the Magic Kingdom today, we rode the PeopleMover and noticed TRON Lightcycle Run ride testing on the track a couple of times! Here are photos and video from today, including a look at the finished (or nearly finished) canopy and construction site.

First, our video:

And photos:

We were at the Magic Kingdom for a few hours but the trains only seemed to be running briefly during that time.

You can see from a distance the ride vehicle on the track beyond the PeopleMover.

The trains are running at full speed along the track during testing.

I was able to capture a few more photos.

A worker looks on as the coaster races past.

The canopy is about complete now, although there were workers on the roof (later in the article).

A sign was up talking about the ride testing.

I look forward to the Walt Disney World Railroad tunnel being finished as well, we have missed the train!


Workers were on the top of the canopy later on.

And during a later ride, we noticed the ride vehicle below.

This was our first time seeing the TRON ride testing in person!

There is no opening time frame announced yet for TRON, but it is exciting to see the vehicles out.