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Rocket Café Reopens at Disneyland Paris with Star Wars Inspired Waffles and More

Hi everyone!

Rocket Café has reopened at Disneyland Paris after being closed for several years. Items on the menu include a Darth Vader Waffle, Stormtrooper Waffle, Boba Fett Shortbread, Yoda shaped ice cream and then some other snacks like Crispy Chicken Bites – and of course, hot and cold drinks. Here are some photos provided by Disneyland Paris! Look for Rocket Café near Hyperspace Mountain in Discoveryland.

Hopefully Rocket Café will be open a lot, since waffles are so popular at Disneyland Paris!

From Disneyland Paris: Rocket Café has reopened its doors after several years of absence! On the menu: savoury and sweet flavours inspired by the Star Wars universe. The kiosk is located right next to the Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain attraction.