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Disney’s Fort Wilderness Fourth of July 2022 Golf Cart Parade Photos and Video

Hi everyone!

We attended Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campground’s Fourth of July Golf Cart Parade today. This is one of several golf cart parades held during the year, the others being Halloween and Christmas (Halloween is the most popular). Guests from the campground dress up their golf carts for the holiday, and some Cast Members do as well. There were a LOT of golf carts today!

Here is a look at some of those golf carts in photos, and our full video. There were no characters in the parade this year, but two Cast Members on horseback led it off.

Here is our video from today:

A number of Cast Member golf carts were the first to drive by.

This looks like (and I had to look up proper terminology) – a lifeguard training manikin in a float on top of the golf cart.

Here is a closer look, with goggles too.

This golf cart celebrated 50 years of Walt Disney World.

There was a LOT of red, white and blue.

There was a castle on top of this golf cart.

An “Up” House golf cart was next.

There was a lot of Disney represented as well as the red, white and blue.

One cart was designed as a Reedy Creek Fire Department truck.

There were two Mater carts.

Spider-Man was on top of this cart.

Mike Myers from “Halloween” was celebrating.

BB-8 wore a patriotic hat.

Sam Eagle was atop one cart.

Statler and Waldorf were on the back. So creative!

And Sox the Cat from Disney and Pixar’s “Lightyear” made a fun addition to this cart.

It was fun to see so many patriotic golf carts out today! The campground guests are always so creative each holiday.