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Pym Kitchen Menu for Avengers Campus Buffet at Disneyland Paris

Hi everyone!

Here is a look at the Pym Kitchen menu in Avengers Campus, shared with us by Disneyland Paris. Avengers Campus opens officially in Walt Disney Studios Park on July 20th, and Pym Kitchen is the buffet. The price is 42 € for adults and 30 € for children. Guests do receive a drink, but there are also plenty of other drink options as well (in the lower menu photos). We also have a previous post about Pym Kitchen that includes food photos provided by Disneyland Paris.

Guests can order wine and additional cold and hot drinks.

There is also a Signature Cocktail: Blue Spritz and Goji Berries for 15.50 €, and a Signature Mocktail for 10.50 €.  A Signature Alcoholic Drink is Blue Chardonnay for 9 € and up, depending on amount of wine. There is also Signature Wine, and a few beers.

Here is a look at how the full menu looks. I had divided it up above for readability.

I look forward to dining here in a couple of months! We should have photos next week of the restaurant and food from a friend who plans to be there opening day.