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Review: Enchanté Restaurant on the Disney Wish (From Preview Cruise)

Hi everyone!

During our media preview cruise of the Disney Wish, we were invited to experience Enchanté, the elegant restaurant by Chef Arnaud Lallement. Chef Lallement helped design the menu for Remy on the Disney Fantasy and Disney Dream, and is a three-starred Michelin Chef for his L’Assiette Champenoise restaurant (and hotel) near Reims, France. We made our first visit to Reims last year for a day, it isn’t far from Paris – just over an hour or so. Enchanté is an extra cost and in this case, it took the place of our 1923 restaurant in our rotational dining.

We were the first guests ever to dine in Enchanté! That made it an extra special experience, especially since Chef Lallement was here for the cruise as well. He is normally in France.

Here is our Mousesteps Weekly YouTube Show #441, I queued it up to the Enchanté review. And after that, we have tons of photos with our written review.

Enchanté is an adults-only restaurant lightly themed to “Beauty and the Beast”.

We were told these columns are inspired by Versailles.

Lumiere can be found on the way into the restaurant.

There is plenty of wine and Champagne to choose from. And alongside the bottles here are a variety of different candelabras.

There is a gorgeous chandelier upon entering the restaurant. We were told it is inspired by champagne bubbles. The chandelier gave a different feel to the restaurant depending on the time of evening. We started here before sunset, and left three hours later after dark. I will show how it illuminates the restaurant during the meal.

We were seated in what is a lounge area of the restaurant. It is a progressive meal (we sat in two different areas) but we were also told that that aspect could change too.

A champagne cart was brought to us. Luis wore a candelabra on his jacket.

We both chose the Taittinger Brut Prestige Rosé. In the past few years, I’ve moved away from overly sweet wines and such – but I do like having a touch of sweetness, so I often will choose a rosé when it comes to wine or champagne.

This is a delicious, fruity champagne. and it is also a very moderately priced one. That is another reason I chose it.

Chef Lallement arrived at our table, and did many more times during the evening. I did not expect him to be out talking to us (and sometimes serving, like pouring sauces). It was amazing to have him there and he was so nice. Our server Angelo was excellent as well.

Here is a look at my champagne near the chandelier.

Our view from the table in this direction was of the chandelier with the wine bottles in the background.

We received an amuse-bouche, something from the chef while we were sitting in the lounge. There was a herb tartlet, cheese of some sort, and falafel with lemon. My favorite was the falafel.

We were then moved to the main area of the restaurant. I walked around for photos. The restaurant is very nice, with muted colors.

Fresh flowers were on the tables.

We were sat at the first table. There was a smaller table to put our items on.

We arrived at 6:00 p.m. to the restaurant, and by 6:30 p.m. we were in the main dining area.

Chef Lallment came out and said we should take a selfie. So we did!

He also posed for a few photos.

There is a stand on each table to place a menu on, which allows it to be a touchless option.

The menu includes the Collection, which costs $195 and features 9 courses. It isn’t a set menu. There is also the Passion menu for $125. Jeff chose the Collection, I chose two items off the menu à la carte. We split a Wine Experience and also split dessert from his Collection.

I chose the Soil-Grown Tomatoes for $25 and also the Grilled Beef for $45. I would try the Poularde Fermiere next time (the farm-raised chicken) for something different.

Jeff did hold it up to show the other side, with Lumiere on it.

We received a second amuse-bouche, which had cauliflower in it.

Bread was also brought out.

Here is a look at how the butter is presented.

For the Wine Experience, we were first brought the Krug Grande Cuvée. This is an extremely special, non-vintage Champagne. I assume the wines included will be variable. The wines we were brought ranged from modest to the Krug.

The Soil-Grown Tomatoes includes a few different items. This is a tomato cooked in butter for 12 hours. It was rich and delicious.

I am not even sure what to call this additional tomato item, but after the richness of the 12-hour cooked tomato, this isn’t too memorable. I did like it.

There was also a small piece of bread, and it was brought with a side of a tomato vinaigrette.

The last item we received was a glass of tomato water. I didn’t care for it. The first sip was fine, but that was enough. It was like having a cucumber water but with tomato.

I looked up and noticed a rose motif above.

Jeff then received caviar with smoked haddock and fondant potatoes. Jeff said it was excellent.

The next wine Chateau d’Aqueria Tavel Rose. It is a blend of Grenache, Clairette, and Syrah. It is a very affordable, very nice wine with a deep red color. I mentioned that the wines had different price ranges, this is at the lower end.

The color is stunning.

Next, Jeff was brought the Langoustines. Langoustines are part of the lobster family and this was covered with a gelatin. It is a very unique dish with the gelatin, not Jeff’s favorite on the menu but he did enjoy it – although the flavors were unexpected. There was also a crunchiness.

As the sun set, the beautiful chandelier looked even lovelier.

The restaurant really shimmers as the sun goes down.

The next wine was Baron de L. It comes from Pouilly-Fumé, a region in the Loire Vally and is made from the Sauvignon Blanc grape.

Jeff’s next course was Maine Lobster. On the menu, it says, “In homage to my father”. You can read about Chef Lallement’s father Jean-Pierre (who was a chef) here.

Jeff loves lobster, and that was no different here.

It truly was golden hour in the restaurant by this time.

There were other guests but not many on this first day.

Chef Lallement came out to pour sauce on the Wild Hallibut. Jeff says this dish was “shockingly good”, and the flavor of the glaze really helped make the dish. The whole dish worked well together, including the excellent onion confit. The halibut was as good as the lobster dish for him – and that is saying something as lobster is Jeff’s favorite item.

Chateau Talbot is from Bordeaux, France. 66% Cabernet Sauvignon, 29% Merlot, and went very nicely with the Grilled Beef.

The Grilled Beef was Wagyu from Australia, and was tender and had so much flavor.

The topping of what seemed to be a salt/pepper combo really added to it.

Jeff received a salad with brisket underneath.

The last wine was Moët & Chandon Ice Impérial Champagne. It was made to be poured onto ice, and it is a blend of Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier and Chardonnay.

Even though I only had two courses (plus bread, and the Amuse-Bouche), I couldn’t finish dessert. There was so much brought, I was glad we didn’t order one for me as well. To the left is a gourmet fruit roll-up. On the top, it was like a coffee tart. And then small dessert domes. And that wasn’t all!

A decadent bar of chocolate was brought.

And also there was an ice cream dessert.

This was a wonderful dining experience! We also didn’t know until 10-15 minutes until dining that we’d be both going. So it was a surprise as well.

Disney did cover the meal in its entirety. We were not sure if Disney would cover the alcohol, so we ordered as if we were paying for it ourselves with the one Wine Experience so we could share it and then a few glasses of Taittinger between us.

Enchanté for dinner is not an inexpensive meal, just the same as with Remy on the Disney Fantasy and Disney Dream. But you can make it less expensive than what we had or much more. To have Chef Lallement be there just elevated it so much and we were very lucky to have that experience.

There is also a Enchanté Champagne Brunch and “Just Desserts”, with a five-course dessert menu. Reservations for those will go quicker than for dinner, so definitely do so the second you can.

I expect we will be back to Enchanté on a future cruise. We are sailing on the Disney Wish soon on our own and I’m hoping to book Palo for this coming cruise (once we have our rotational dining information).

This was the most relaxing time we had on our 3-night cruise, we were kept busy (which I love) but the meal also allowed us to slow down a bit. I do recommend dining during sunset if possible, the lighting was gorgeous as the sun set.

Disney invited us onto the cruise, all views are ours. We have both sailed with the Disney Cruise Line almost 10 times now since 1998 and do recommend the experience. And we will be back on the Disney Wish in August!