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Jungle Cruise Camp Shirt by Tommy Bahama Arrives in Walt Disney World

Hi everyone!

We were at the Magic Kingdom when Jeff noticed a new Tommy Bahama Jungle Cruise shirt. It’s really gorgeous! Here is a look at the shirt in detail.

The design includes a lot of Jungle Cruise gags. To the left, “Rhinos always get their point across in the end”. And a postcard on the right says “We just turned down the Nile River in Africa…if you don’t believe me, you’re probably in De-Nile!” Below that is the backside of water and more.

Here is a close-up on the rhino.


Schweitzer Falls is shown with a boat passing by. Below that, the elephant bathing.

There is so much great detail in the shirt.

This Jungle Cruise camp shirt from the Disney Parks Collection by Tommy Bahama costs $150.00 plus tax.

This will be a very popular shirt!