shopDisney Adds Sketchbook Ornaments Including “Turning Red”, “Treasure Planet” and Grogu

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shopDisney added a range of Sketchbook Ornaments today. I already posted about the five Haunted Mansion Sketchbook Ornaments that were released, and there are many others as well including Halloween themes, “Turning Red”, “Treasure Planet” and more. Here are just some of the Disney Sketchbook Ornaments available! Information is below each, with additional details on shopDisney while they remain available.

DuckTales Legacy Sketchbook Ornament – 35th Anniversary – Limited Release

You’ll be right on the money alongside Scrooge McDuck with this Legacy Sketchbook Ornament commemorating the 35th Anniversary of Disney’s DuckTales animated series, bringing to the screen the comic book adventures of Donald’s Uncle Scrooge, ”The Richest Duck in the World.”

Turning Red Sketchbook Ornament

Oh Mai! A double-sided Sketchbook Ornament displays the two sides of Mai and Panda Mai. Your home décor will be transformed by this sculpted surprise inspired by Disney and Pixar’s Turning Red.

Huey, Dewey, and Louie Singing Living Magic Sketchbook Ornament – Trick or Treat

When Donald’s nephews say ”Trick or Treat” you’d better not be stingy or your nightmares will come true! Press the button on base of this singing Sketchbook Ornament to hear the theme from Walt Disney’s classic cartoon short Trick or Treat.

Grogu Halloween Sketchbook Ornament – Star Wars: The Mandalorian

For this sculpted Sketchbook Ornament, ”Baby Yoda” swaps his hover pram for a pumpkin, the better to trick-or-treat through the cosmos this Halloween season!

Captain America Sam Wilson Sketchbook Ornament

Bursting out of the comic pages, former Falcon Sam Wilson picks up the mantle of Captain America on this sculpted ornament that will pack a punch this season.

Treasure Planet Legacy Sketchbook Ornament – 20th Anniversary – Limited Release

Treasure be buried in your holiday tree when hanging this Legacy Ornament commemorating the 20th Anniversary of Treasure Planet. Long John Silver and Jim Hawkins will feel right at home amongst your glittering, golden goodies.

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Light-Up Living Magic Sketchbook Ornament

It’s the night before Christmas and warming the house, is a fireside glow brought to you by a mouse! Mickey and Minnie Mouse brighten the holidays before a lighted ”fireplace” and glittering mantle décor on this seasonal Sketchbook Ornament.

Hang the keys to the Kingdom on your holiday tree with this ornate Sketchbook Ornament key featuring the Walt Disney World logo, a Fantasyland Castle icon, silvery finish, and sparkling faceted gems.

Goofy Legacy Sketchbook Ornament – 90th Anniversary – Limited Release

Gawrsh! Walt Disney’s lovable loon Goofy celebrates his 90th Anniversary on this fully-sculpted Sketchbook Ornament, where he is confounded by his original incarnation, ”Dippy Dawg.”


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