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“Walt The Dreamer” Statue on Display at Disney D23 Expo Before it Arrives to EPCOT (Photos, Video)

Hi everyone!

The statue “Walt the Dreamer” is on display at the D23 Expo ahead of it being added to EPCOT. I attended the D23 Expo media preview last night and took some photos and video of the statue.

First, here is our video.

The Dreamer’s Point statue will be in World Celebration at EPCOT. Spaceship Earth is in the background in this artwork, with a monorail passing by.

Here are detailed photos of the statue!


This sign says that “Walt Disney said that EPCOT should always be in a state of becoming. He wanted to create a space that inspires people to keep dreaming of the future and celebrate the magic of possibility. When our new statue finds its home in the neighborhood of World Celebration, we hope that it inspires this global community to always keep dreaming of a better tomorrow.”

Next to the sign is a maquette.

And there is also a short movie showing how the statue was created.

We will be sharing much more from the D23 Expo this weekend!