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Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort Features a Detailed Haunted Mansion Display for Halloween 2022 (Photos)

Hi everyone!

Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort outdid itself for Halloween this year! There are not only beautiful floral arrangements but also a highly detailed edible The Haunted Mansion display.

I will have a separate article on the floral arrangements, but you can see here the entrance display with a Mickey pumpkin in the middle.


There are two elements to the Haunted Mansion display – the hearse and a two-sided chocolate egg (like what you’d see at Easter). There is no sign here currently to talk about what everything is made from.

The hearse includes candles on top and pumpkins at the bottom.

One of the pumpkins includes roses, similar to inside the hearse and at other areas of the display.

Here is a look at the back of the hearse.

The decorated egg has two sides. This side includes The Haunted Mansion plaque. There is a hatchet and items that are from the Haunted Mansion attic, including a cake. Strings of pearls also are at the base. Constance Hatchaway received a new string of pearls with each marriage. Wedding portraits are on the back of the egg.

A framed sign talks about Constance Hatchaway.

The base has the look of a Tiffany lamp.

A tea set sits on luggage.

The cake includes a groom with no head.

The hatchet is planted between the two sides of the egg.

The back of the egg has a purple The Haunted Mansion wallpaper design.

Constance is in the middle, with portraits with her husbands around it.

From this angle, you can see both display pieces.


Roses are around the base.

Stop by Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort if you have a chance this Halloween season to see the unique Haunted Mansion display!