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Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort Guests Decorate for Halloween 2022 (Photos from October 20th)

Hi everyone!

We had lunch at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort yesterday, and then took a walk around to look at Halloween decorations put up by campsite guests. There is a lot already to see, and it is still 10 days from Halloween (there will be much more at that time). Here is a look from yesterday!

A Mickey pumpkin welcomes guests along this path.

Pumpkin inflatables line the fence.

This inflatable reaches into the trees.

Mickey as a vampire is one of the recurring themes. And this campsite has a graveyard.

In back of the gravestones to the right, the skeletons roast marshmallows on a fire.


Here is a closer look. There are also skeleton creatures, like the snake at the bottom left.

Vampire Stitch join Mickey, Minnie and Grogu.

We saw several skeletons in campsite chairs.

Minnie Mouse poses with pumpkins.

Mickey and Minnie light up.

This corner is taken up by plenty of inflatables.

Mickey and Minnie appear in so many different costumes.

Mickey jumps out of a pumpkin.

Jack Skellington is seen twice here.

Frankenstein holds his hands out.

The Hitchhiking Ghosts stand next to Maleficent.

They also appear elsewhere in a Doom Buggy.

The Cheshire Cat is in a tree.

Ursula stands next to Grogu.


Skeletons hang out on the ground.

The Mandalorian holds a pumpkin while standing next to Grogu.

“Turn back!”.

Jack Skellington and Oogie Boogie decorate this campsite.

Mickey and Minnie celebrate Halloween.

The guests at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort are always so creative – from campsite decorations to golf cart parades and more. We will share more from the campground as it nears Halloween!