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‘Living with the Land – Glimmering Greenhouses’ Photos & Video From EPCOT Holiday Overlay

Hi everyone!

‘Living with the Land – Glimmering Greenhouses’ is the new name for the holiday overlay of Living with the Land for the 2022 EPCOT International Festival of the Holidays. For the past few years, the overlay has been called ‘Merry and Bright Nights’, and prior to that there was no name for the decorations that adorned the attraction (you can see our yearly articles here).

We rode twice on Friday. The first time was around dusk and the second time about 45 minutes later, to allow the greenhouses to become dark so we could enjoy the lights. Here are our photos and video!

Our video is from the second ride. The photos are a mixture of both, so you can see the difference in daytime and after dark.

Living with the Land is one of my favorite attractions at EPCOT. It is even more so during the holiday season.

As our boat reached the greenhouses, the sign says “Citrus”, “Spice”, Sweets” and “Feasts”. Look for these icons in the greenhouses!

The tunnel to the greenhouses is lit beautifully after dark.

The lights were on during our first ride, and they still looked sparkly. But it’s quite a different atmosphere once it becomes dark.

Here is a look at that same scene, with the snowman family.

The large snowman has a scarf, with the rest of the family wearing a hat and earmuffs.

The decorative ornament here says “Welcome to our Glimmering Greenhouses”.

The lights can be seen throughout the greenhouses. 

There are displays set up throughout as well.

Sunshine Seasons and the Garden Grill Restaurant in The Land Pavilion both of serve fresh produce and seafood grown right here in the greenhouses.

Two wreaths include decorations like bananas and peppers.

After dark, they light up as we enter the area with fish farming.


The sign here says Bass and the icon is for “Feasts” from the first sign in the article.

A Mickey can be seen in this area.

The presents have fish on them.

The freshwater shrimp are also celebrating the holidays.

We are heading into the next greenhouse. There are four greenhouses and the fish farm.


One of the plants is decorated again to be a reindeer.

A wreath features lemons. The sign includes that citrus symbol we saw at the beginning of the article.

Another display is coming up.

Gifts are surrounded by food and a fireplace.

This gift has citrus gift wrap.

The icon here is from the “Sweets” part of the first sign.

The lights always look really nice here.

A Mickey can be seen in the lettuce.

The sign says “Celebrate crops important to holiday traditions around the world in our Glimmering Greenhouses”.

The icon here is for “Spice”.

Ribbon decorates these walls.

At the Biotechnology lab, snowflakes and stockings fill the windows.

These stocks are for Les, Delores and Ceil.

Large ornaments are also in the window.

Today’s research is Blue Spruce, Poinsettia and Redwood.

A cozy scene is at the end.

Lights are in this tunnel as we head back to the end of the ride.

I look forward to riding Living with the Land – Glimmering Greenhouses many more times during EPCOT International Festival of the Holidays. The event runs through December 30th, 2022.