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A Look at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campground Holiday Decorations (Photos from December 17th, 2022)

Hi everyone!

We stopped by Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground yesterday to take a look at holiday decorations and pick up lunch from P & J’s Southern Takeout. We started at the Settlement and walked through some of the loops on the way to the Meadow Trading Post.

Here are photos from yesterday!

At the Settlement, the Christmas tree features wheels, horses, lanterns and boots (among other adornments).

Swags of garland and wreaths decorate Pioneer Hall.

Festive decorations include lassos and cowboy hats.

P & J’s Southern Takeout is a quick service location and a favorite of ours. The same fried chicken you can find at the Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical Revue can be purchased here.

We picked up an 8-piece fried chicken meal for $23.49. The meal includes a loaf of cornbread, two sides (we chose mashed potatoes and coleslaw) and the chicken.

We always take plenty of leftovers home.

Here is a look at Jeff’s plate.


We walked off our meal through a number of campsite loops. Quite a few decorations by campsite guests are displayed, and there should be a lot more next weekend. Temperatures are going to drop next weekend into the 30s!

One campsite features a lot of Mickey Mouse inflatables.

Almost all of the inflatables here are of Mickey.

Mickey is with Pluto and Minnie also shows up.

Mickey holds a Fort Wilderness banner.

At another campsite, a Buc-ee’s inflatable is among other decor.

Another campsite has a monorail set along with many other items – including plenty of Mickey and Minnie figures.


Their window is full of plush.

A campsite has a polar bear with several penguins.

Santa and Frosty.

Mickey and Minnie stand next to The Grinch and Max.

Mickey heads down a chimney.

Three snowpeople make s’mores.

A Minion stands next to Disney and Pixar characters.

A Doom Buggy inflatable features the Hitchhiking Ghosts. Sandy Claws is next to them.


Santa and a reindeer enjoy drinks in a camper.

Bumble holds a star.

There are a lot of Mickey’s at this campsite.

Pumpkins were placed outside to sign.

Chalk also was outside to draw.

Mickey and Minnie wish guests a Merry Christmas.

Handmade “Toy Story” characters are nearby. 

“The Nightmare Before Christmas” characters are within the “Scary Christmas” letters.

Chip and Dale hide under Santa’s hat.

The Hitchhiking Ghosts wear Santa hats. They have been here every year for years, both at Halloween and for the holiday season.

We went into the Meadow Trading Post.

Mickey Mouse figures were lined up.

We continued to another loop.

A Green Bay Packers Santa inflatable was at one campsite.

Mr. Potato Head.

Santa and a reindeer.

Guests can push the buttons.

The Grinch stands next to a nativity.


Decorations include Mickey, Minnie and Pluto at this campsite.

Chip and Dale are here as well.

A giant ornament features the Dalmatians from “101 Dalmatians”.

These look like homemade figures.

The Polar Express train is an inflatable at this campsite.

We went back to the Settlement. Holiday Sleigh Rides are advertised, now departing from the Tri-Circle-D Ranch stables. The Holiday Sleigh Ride is a horse-drawn carriage ride, and a great way to see decorations at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campground! I looked online and there didn’t seem to be many times available this season left.


Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campground is always a favorite location for us to visit during the holiday season (and at other times of year). The campsite guests always create wonderful displays.

We will share more from Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground next weekend!