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TRON Lightcycle Run Restroom and Information Signs Added (Photos, Video from January 8th, 2023)

Hi everyone!

We rode the PeopleMover at the Magic Kingdom yesterday for a look at TRON Lightcycle Run. There was some new signage added since our last time around, including for the restrooms and also the sign that lists information like height requirements and warnings for the attraction.

Here are photos and video from yesterday of TRON Lightcycle Run! (And a note added 1/11 – the date for TRON Lightcycle Run to open is April 4th, 2023!)

First up, our video.

In the foreground here, a star from the holiday version of the Tomorrowland Speedway hasn’t yet been removed (the decorations looked like they were all up still).


Ride vehicles were circling constantly.

The first sign can be seen on the lower left here.


I actually didn’t notice it during our ride, but I was able to crop my photos to have a closer look at it. The top of the sign is covered with cloth.

The sign gives details on the attraction and who can ride.

The restroom sign is up as well.

We continued past the site.

The Walt Disney World Railroad was very busy with guests yesterday, so we didn’t ride again – but it is great to have it back now.

Exit signs are also visible at the entrance.

Here is a look at the ride vehicles on the track from Storybook Circus.


Shrubs are now where the walls were in Tomorrowland.

I expect we will back to the Magic Kingdom next Sunday and we will take another ride on the PeopleMover then for more photos of TRON Lightcycle Run.