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Construction at Café Mickey as it Transforms Into Brasserie Rosalie at Disneyland Paris (Photos from March 9th, 2023)

Hi everyone!

The former Café Mickey in Disney Village at Disneyland Paris is currently undergoing a transformation into Rosalie, a 500-seat French brasserie from Groupe Bertrand. We walked through Disney Village yesterday to check out the construction on it. I also added the Rosalie concept art at the end of the article.

Refurbishment signs are up along the walls. There are a lot of refurbishment projects happening at Disneyland Paris right now, and Disney Village is undergoing a multi-year transformation.

Looking down the Disney Village walkway, the former Café Mickey is to the left. In the 20 years I’ve been visiting Disneyland Paris, I never ended up dining there.

Here is a look from the other side, from near PanoraMagique.

The yellow and some other colors is still here.

Back in September, I took this photo from a ride on PanoraMagique. The Café Mickey sign is to the left (which was in the shape of Mickey’s head, tilted like the current Disneyland Paris 30th Anniversary logo) and the design was whimsical with Mickey’s hands, feet, and shorts.

Here are more photos of the work being done.

And this is the former Café Mickey logo from September.

Rosalie was announced to open this year (2023). Construction on the location began in January.

Disneyland Paris says of Rosalie,

It will celebrate the French art of living with its traditional cuisine, in a modern but elegant setting, with large terraces offering a view of Lake Disney. Honoring both regional diversity and seasonal products, the restaurant will delight all tastes. Offering table service, it will also include a counter offering French bakery products (viennoiseries, pastries, sandwiches and salads) for take-out consumption, as well as a selection of products aimed at satisfying all tastes. On sunny days, a furnished terrace will welcome visitors by the lake.

I look forward to Rosalie opening.

Also new this year is The Royal Pub, which has currently replaced King Ludwig’s Castle. We are joining friends there for Happy Hour tomorrow, I am not sure yet if we will eat there this trip.

Is there anything else you’d like to see photographed during our visit? Let me know! And we plan to be back at Disneyland Paris this fall as well.