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A Look at L’Hiver Gourmand with Menus at Disneyland Paris from 2022/2023 Winter Season

Hi everyone!

L’Hiver Gourmand returned to Disneyland Paris in November 2022 and runs through March 19th, 2023. There are just five days left as of this writing to enjoy these winter chalets that are brimming with delicious bites and drinks, including hot chestnuts, mulled wine, crêpes and more at Walt Disney Studios Park. I had a really hard time finding menus online this year (we usually receive them to share with our readers). Even though it’s the end of the event, I thought it’d be nice to post an article for reference.

This is the third L’Hiver Gourmand that we have been able to enjoy since it began in 2018. This year, there had been some chalets in Fantasyland early in the winter season, but now we are enjoying the five chalets at La Place De Remy and there are also two closer to the Tower of Terror at Walt Disney Studios Park.

Here are photos that include menus, and also a few of the food and drink items we have tried.

First up is Goûts & Saveurs Des Montagnes (Tastes & Flavors Of The Mountains).

The menu includes a Raclette Cheese & Cured Ham Sandwich for 6 €.

This is what the sandwich looks like. There actually is ham down there, but also a ton of cheese. Jeff enjoyed this sandwich.

One of my favorite booths is Vegan Gourmet.

I am a big fan of the soups at  L’Hiver Gourmand. We ordered both the Mushroom & Chestnut Soup and the Butternut Soup for 5 € . Both are very good.

The soup was very hot each time we have ordered (unlike the hot chocolate I ordered).

Here is a look at the Butternut Soup.

There are also other items on display.

The next chalet is Les Recettes De La Cigogne.

Food items here include a Pretzel for 4 € and a Cheese Pretzel for 4.50 €. There is also gingerbread for sale and more. Wines and beers are available at the various chalets.

The pretzels are large and we usually order one during each L’Hiver Gourmand.

Here is a look at the gingerbread. I think 7 € seems a lot for it. Most items I find a good value at L’Hiver Gourmand.

The next chalet is Les Douceurs d’Hiver (Winter Sweets).

Les Douceurs d’Hiver doesn’t really sell sweets, but a Cone of Roasted Chestnuts for 6 €, Mulled Wine for 6 €  and Hot Chocolate for 4 €. The mulled wine is a favorite of mine, I’ve already ordered it several times this trip.

This is my mulled wine on one visit.

I also ordered the chestnuts for Jeff, he enjoys these a lot.

The next chalet is La Bigoudene Gourmande with Gallettes and Crêpes. Jeff likes the Buckwheat Pancake with Duck Breast Filet, Emmental Cheese and Rocket for 7 €, and we also order the Nutella Crêpe for 5 €.

Guests can watch their galettes and crêpes being made.

Jeff’s duck breast galette is one of his favorite items to order here.

Here is my Nutella Crêpe.

There are ciders available here to order.


Before we move to the chalets near Tower of Terror, here is a look at the side of the booth.

The logo is shaped like the Earffel Tower.

We didn’t order from the booths near Tower of Terror but here is a look at the chalets with menus. The first is The Hotspot.

Food here includes Beef Carbonnade, Fries, and a Liege Waffle.

There are plenty of waffles!

The other booth is The Winter Twist.

Food includes a Cone of Cheese and Cone of Dry-Cured Sausage Slices. There are plenty of beers and also mulled wine, wine and champagne.


I am continuing to enjoy the chalets of L’hiver Gourmand this trip! I do recommend it if you visit Disneyland Paris during one of “Gourmand” events (there was also a Rendez-Vous Gourmand event from summer to early fall last year).