Disneyland Paris

Big Thunder Mountain Refurbishment Continues at Disneyland Paris (Photos from March 17th, 2023)

Hi everyone!

The refurbishment of Big Thunder Mountain at Disneyland Paris continues, with a scheduled reopening date of April 1st, 2023. I first noticed some work being done in the queue (painting or staining of rocks).

Here are photos from today!

There were a number of areas where rocks were being worked on.

And here is a look at Big Thunder Mountain from this angle while riding the Molly Brown (most photos were taken from the Molly Brown).

Work was being done even on the donkeys.


This was a quick update – there are two weeks left still of refurbishment to go before Big Thunder Mountain opens. I hope for guests it will soft open earlier like other attractions have this month, but we’ll see! Big Thunder Mountain is one attraction we will totally miss during our trip this month.