Disneyland Paris

Grogu Shortbread Biscuit is a Fun and Tasty Snack at Disneyland Paris

Hi everyone!

A Grogu shortbread biscuit debuted earlier this month (March 2023) at Disneyland Paris in conjunction with Season 3 of “The Mandalorian”. We purchased the biscuit earlier this week at the Cool Station kiosk in Discoveryland. I don’t know how long the Grogo shortbread biscuit will be available, but it’s a fun and tasty snack!

Here is a quick look from Monday.

Cool Station is located in Discoveryland as one of a number of snack locations. The line moved slowly due to guests ordering crêpes, which seemed to be the most popular item here.

The “Biscuit Grogu” on its own costs 4,30 €, but in much larger print you’ll see the Pause Goûter is 7 €. The Pause Goûter (snack break) is a menu that combines a snack item with a drink. It is easy to miss the individual items with prices listed at the right hand side, which here includes the Biscuit Grogu and crêpes.

The Grogu shortbread biscuit was adorable! The pistachio flavor wasn’t too heavy and went well with the chocolate-hazelnut filling. Shortbread is very popular at Disneyland Paris, especially with Nutella. But there is a nice variety of treats now at Disneyland Paris as well.

I don’t know how long Grogu will be around, but I hope it is a while! The Grogu shortbread biscuit was already wrapped in a packet, so it was quick and easy to purchase once we arrived to the register.

Check out the various snack stands at Disneyland Paris on your next visit! It was also fun during our trip to see The Mandalorian and Grogu during their limited time appearance during the first half of March. I hope they will return soon.