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“Avengers: Power the Night” Marvel Drone Show Delights at Disneyland Paris (Photos, Video)

Hi everyone!

We spent most of 2 weeks in March at Disneyland Paris, with one highlight being the “Avengers: Power the Night” Marvel drone show in Walt Disney Studios Park. “Avengers: Power the Night” runs through May 8th, 2023 as part of the Disneyland Paris 30th Anniversary Grand Finale. The 8-minute show features up to 500 drones (when the drones fly) and is projected on the wonderful canvas of the Hollywood Tower Hotel. This is in addition to the “Disney D-Light” drone show at Disneyland Park.

During our 2 week trip, “Avengers: Power the Night” with drones only ended up showing twice that I know of due to wind/weather/nights off. We tried several times to see it (on days it wasn’t raining or not running for another reason) and finally were rewarded with a fantastic drone show! But if you do visit and hear the speaker announce that drones will not be flying, you still get a nice show with projections and some fireworks. We were glad though to see the full show with drones on our second to last night.

Guests gather for “Avengers: Power the Night” in Production Courtyard, not at Avengers Campus.

Here is our video of the full “Avengers: Power the Night” show with drones:

And here are photos!

Dr. Strange conjures a portal.

The show features a variety of MCU characters, including…

The Incredible Hulk:

Captain America (here with his drone shield):

Thor (here with his drone hammer):

My favorite segment is with Rocket and Groot from “Guardians of the Galaxy”:

The Guardians of the Galaxy:

Adult Groot:

Black Panther in drones and projections:


The ten rings:

Tony Stark:

Iron Man:

Nick Fury in drones:

The Avengers logo:

And Spider-Man appears in drones appears at the end of “Avengers: Power the Night”.

It was pretty tight getting out of the area after “Avengers: Power the Night” since Walt Disney Studios Park was closed. Next time I would hang back a little until the crowd cleared.

It was well worth it for us to keep trying to see “Avengers: Power the Night” with the drones!

As far as how long we waited for the show…for a few nights, we arrived about a half hour early. The last time, I arrived later with about 10-15 minutes prior to showtime and was happy with my spot. Many guests were still arriving as the show was about to start. Showtimes do vary.

Also, on nights that we tried for “Avengers: Power the Night” and didn’t see drones, the “Disney D-Light” drone show did run at Disneyland Park. I assume it is because of how many drones there are (200 vs. up to 500 for “Avengers: Power the Night”).

Here is our video of “Avengers: Power the Night” without the drones.

“Avengers: Power the Night” will not perform on April 22nd, 2023. Check the Disneyland Paris website before your trip in case any other dates are added, there were three nights during our trip where it wasn’t performed at all. I wish “Avengers: Power the Night” was running past May 8th, 2023! It is a wonderful addition to the entertainment at Walt Disney Studios Park and had debuted on January 28th, 2023.