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Disneyland Hotel Paris Refurbishment Update from April 1st, 2023

Hi everyone!

The Disneyland Hotel at Disneyland Paris has been undergoing a royal transformation that is scheduled to complete sometime in 2024. We were able to post a few Disneyland Hotel refurbishment updates in March of the exterior work, and our friend Martin Smith from Martinsvids.net shares some photos from today. The exterior does look like it is mostly finished now, with most work probably on the inside at this time.

Here are photos of the Disneyland Hotel at Disneyland Paris from today!

Mickey is back in the planter after floral Minnie spent a month here for Women’s History Month.

Martin noted that the right hand side walls are gone today.

Here is a look from a few days back, with work going on at this balcony.

Disneyland Paris says of the Disneyland Hotel royal transformation: Outside of the parks, Frozen is also playing an important role in the reimagining of the Disneyland Hotel. This iconic 5-star Hotel will reopen in 2024 as the ultimate Disney royal address in Europe after a complete transformation with its new royal theme, featuring themed rooms and suites inspired by Disney classics such as Tangled, Beauty & the Beast, Cinderella as well as Frozen as shown in the new concept from one of the hotel’s new themed suites.

This is the piece of concept art that Disneyland Paris shared.

And here are some more photos from today. You can see bits of work that are being done, but really not so much anymore.


There are still walls around quite a bit of the hotel.

And here is a look at the gazebo on the way out of the park.

When we have friends at the park, we’ll ask them for photos if there is anything of interest to note. But I think most work should be interior at this point.

Are you excited about the Disneyland Hotel at Disneyland Paris reopening in 2024?

Thanks to our friend Martin at Martinsvids.net for the photos!