Disneyland Paris

PANDORA Bellhop Stitch Tower of Terror Charm Now Available at Disneyland Paris

Hi everyone!

There is a new PANDORA Bellhop Stitch Tower of Terror charm that is available at Disneyland Paris. This adorable charm was revealed on the new Pass Annuel Showtime! show. The hosts of the show likened Stitch to King Kong on the Empire State building (except that Stitch has climbed The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror). The charm is now located in PANDORA shops at Disneyland Paris and costs 79. There are two photos below – one from Disneyland Paris, and one that a friend of ours took below it.

Stitch is a very popular character at Disneyland Paris, which the hosts of Pass Annuel Showtime! made note of. I expect this Stitch Tower of Terror PANDORA charm will sell well, with the combination of Stitch and the Tower of Terror.

Here is a photo our friend Steve Boutet just took of the PANDORA Stitch charm at Disneyland Paris.

There were other Disneyland Paris merchandise announcements as well, I am working on translating them now and will post articles in the coming hour or two.