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Disneyland Paris Announces that “it’s a small world” has Received Enhancements; Ride Reopens May 5th, 2023

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Disneyland Paris announced today that “it’s a small world” (reopening May 5th, 2023) has been enhanced, with more than 300 dolls refreshed, modernized lighting and more. New dolls in wheelchairs have also been added to several of the attraction’s scenes for inclusivity.

“it’s a small world” has been closed since November 2021 for this extensive refurbishment! Read more from Disneyland Paris below.

Mindful of preserving and continuously improving the guest experience, Disneyland Paris has confirmed the imminent reopening of two attractions currently closed for renovation, and the update of an iconic attraction.

The “happiest cruise that ever sailed” will make its big comeback when “it’s a small world” reopens its doors on May 5th, accompanied by its iconic musical anthem. A true celebration of the diverse world we live in, the attraction has been one of our guests’ favourites for more than thirty years. Special care has been taken to preserve its magic and ensure that it shines as bright today as it did on day one.

Walt Disney Imagineering Paris has collaborated with the Disneyland Paris’ central and maintenance workshops to maintain the attraction’s unique “Disney” artistic heritage. From the craftsmanship of the dolls, the painting of their faces, to the restoration of all the costumes and accessories, a wide range of expertise has contributed to accomplishing this colossal task. In total, more than 300 dolls have been refreshed, not to mention all the animal figurines, the animated accessories, more than a hundred toys…Lighting within the attraction has also been modernised and, on the outside, the charming façade, originally designed by Imagineering legends Rolly Crump and Mary Blair for Disneyland Resort in California, has received a fresh coat of paint.

Lastly, as part of the company’s diversity and inclusion focus, new dolls in wheelchairs have been added to several of the attraction’s scenes. It’s a new phase in Disneyland Paris’ continuous efforts to create a destination that’s inclusive and relevant to all.

Another attraction, Les Mystères du Nautilus, which enables guests to walk through the famous submarine, will reopen this summer at Discoveryland after a complete subsea overhaul, involving numerous sets and accessories and the improvement of the lighting and sound system. And one of its most spectacular effects has been updated: the discovery of the seabed in Captain Nemo’s Grand Salon!

While we’re in Discoveryland, it was recently announced that more stories and characters will be added in 2024 to the Star Tours attraction at three Disney destinations around the world, including Disneyland Paris. Since it debuted at Disneyland Resort in 1987 as the first Star Wars attraction in a Disney park, Star Tours has travelled to new places as this galaxy of stories has expanded. Disneyland Paris is looking forward to continuing that tradition next year with all new adventures.