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Tinker Bell and Fawn Meet for Earth Week 2023 at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Hi everyone!

Tinker Bell and Fawn are meeting today at Disney’s Animal Kingdom (rotating with other characters) as part of Earth Week 2023. I don’t know if they will be here every day. We don’t see the Disney fairies meeting too often currently, so it is a rare experience to see them!

First, here is our video, followed by photos.

I believe it has been years since we’ve seen Fawn greeting. Back in 2011, there was a Pixie Hollow Fairy Garden at EPCOT which allowed guests to meet the Disney fairies.

Tinker Bell and Fawn are meeting where we met Miss Moth last year for Earth Week.  The line wasn’t too long for them or for King Louie, who met in this location after them.

Tinker Bell used to also meet at Town Square Theater in the Magic Kingdom but I don’t believe she has been there in a few years.

It was nice seeing Tinker Bell and Fawn today!

Also, we met King Louie, who appeared after Tinker Bell and Fawn left for a break.


We will post more today about Earth Week characters and more on April 22nd, which is the 25th Anniversary of Disney’s Animal Kingdom (as well as Earth Day).