Read an Excerpt of ‘The Haunted Mansion: Storm & Shade’ by Claudia Gray

Hi everyone!

Disney Publishing has shared an excerpt of “The Haunted Mansion: Storm & Shade” by Claudia Gray as part of Halfway to Halloween this week. “The Haunted Mansion: Storm & Shade” is scheduled to release on August 29th, 2023 and the Disney Parks Blog shared the excerpt.

After checking out the excerpt, read more below about The Haunted Mansion: Storm & Shade! I have links to Amazon, but the book can be found elsewhere too.

The Haunted Mansion: Storm & Shade

Welcome, foolish mortals, to an original and eerie novel inspired by the Haunted Mansion attraction at Disney Parks!

When high school student Audrey Perez moves to a town that’s supposedly home to a haunted mansion, she and a few of her new friends decide to investigate. Audrey is quickly swept up in a macabre mystery and eerie adventure that holds the fate of the Haunted Mansion’s 999 happy haunts in the balance. A storm is coming—both literally and figuratively—and it’ll be up to Audrey and her friends to save the Mansion—and its ghosts—before it’s too late. But can Audrey do so while dealing with her own anxieties and while caught in a love triangle between her boyfriend and the enigmatic Sterling—who just might be a ghost?


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