Denise's Corner

Video: Expedition Everest 2006 with Working Yeti (Multiple Rides) at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Hi everyone!

Disney’s Animal Kingdom park is celebrating its 25th Anniversary today (April 22nd, 2023) and Jeff has opened his archives to share a video of the Expedition Everest coaster from 2006 when the Yeti animatronic was working. Expedition Everest opened that year, and the Yeti didn’t operate for long in A-Mode. You can see the bird and mist in the video as well. The Yeti has long been operating in B-Mode, with a strobe light (which is why the Yeti has been dubbed “Disco Yeti” online). Jeff shares that Yeti version also, during the last ride on the video.

Here is our video of Expedition Everest from 2006 with the working Yeti! Jeff upscaled the video to 4K so that more details can be seen. He also shows a look at the Yeti in slow motion.

Did you get to see the Expedition Everest Yeti animatronic working? I was fortunate to ride back when the attraction opened in 2006. Expedition Everest is such a great roller coaster, it would be nice to see the Yeti working again.

Happy 25th Anniversary to Disney’s Animal Kingdom park! We both had visited Disney’s Animal Kingdom back when the park opened in 1998 (and actually when the park soft opened in the days prior) and so much has changed since then.