Disney nuiMOs Star Wars Outfits, Plush & Accessories to Release on shopDisney May 4th, 2023

Hi everyone!

shopDisney has teased Disney nuiMOs Star Wars Outfits, Plush and Accessories that are scheduled to be available on May 4th, 2023. Currently shopDisney has a modest amount of Disney nuiMOs costumes (it looks like most of the Marvel that was released has sold), and quite a few plush figures.

I expect there will be quite a bit more Star Wars merchandise available that day for May the 4th, and I’ll post about whatever becomes available including the Disney nuiMOs. There has been some recent Star Wars merchandise on shopDisney, including a Star Wars Meets the 90s Collection.

From Disney about Disney nuiMOs:

The name nuiMOs is a blend of the Japanese word nuigurumi, meaning plush doll and the word Model. These nuiMOs make the best companions for all of your life’s adventures. Change their look to suit your unique personality and taste. And with the wide variety of dolls and clothing, the possibilities are endless.


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