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Vintage Video: “Mickey’s Big Break” (“Mickey’s Audition”) at Magic Kingdom – Main Street Cinema 1996

Hi everyone!

Jeff has uploaded his video of “Mickey’s Big Break” (also known as “Mickey’s Audition”) that he shot in 1996 at the former Main Street Cinema at the Magic Kingdom. I wish we still had the Main Street Cinema here at Walt Disney World! “Mickey’s Big Break” was a short film featuring Mickey Mouse that was actually shown first as “Mickey’s Audition” in the early days of Disney-MGM Studios.

In the film, Mickey remembers his first audition. Watch the video and read more below!

Jeff first shows the exterior of the Main Street Cinema in 1996, and also at the end of the video. “Mickey’s Big Break’ / “Mickey’s Audition” featured Mel Brooks, Michael Eisner, Mark Linn-Baker, Mel Brooks and Ed Begley, Jr. Roy E. Disney is even here, starring (in silhouette) as Walt Disney giving Mickey his big break.

Cameos in “Mickey’s Big Break” include Carol Kane, Angela Lansbury and more.

Jeff has been going through his extensive library of vintage video and we will be uploading more soon! Possibly one video per week, depending on time. He started recording video in the Disney parks around 1990 and has never stopped. He also took a ton of photos through the years, so some videos will be accompanied by articles with photos. Next week we will have one of those – “The Hunchback of Notre Dame : A Musical Adventure”.