Disney Park and Resort Photo Updates

EPCOT Construction Update from April 30th, 2023 Including CommuniCore Hall, Moana Journey of Water

Hi everyone!

We took the monorail at EPCOT yesterday for a look at the construction happening in the center of the park.

First, here is the area rumored to be a rideshare loop in the EPCOT parking lot.

The EPCOT International Flower & Garden Festival has about hit the halfway point. The festival runs through July 5th, 2023. 

Work has continued quickly on CommuniCore Hall. Disney says about CommuniCore Hall:

CommuniCore Hall will be a flexible exhibition and gallery space, offering a wide variety of experiences that highlight art, live music, food – complete with a demonstration kitchen – and more. In addition, adjacent to CommuniCore Hall will be a new Mickey & Friends location where you can meet some of your favorite Disney pals.

Dreamers Point, where the Walt the Dreamer statue will be placed continues to take shape.

Disney says that CommuniCore Plaza “will have the flexibility to host intimate musical performances that extend out into the nearby gardens as well as large-scale concerts.”

Here is a look at CommuniCore Plaza and CommuniCore Hall concept art. This whole area is scheduled to open this fall, along with Journey of Water, Inspired by Moana.

Journey of Water, Inspired by Moana is also receiving more touches.

Last week, I noticed the figure in the back that looked like Tamatoa the crab. These two photos are from last week, since this week’s lighting wasn’t that great.

Here are a few photos from the ground.

It is nice to see the work progressing, and we share more photos in the next week or so!