Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris “it’s a small world” Collectible Card and Brochure Given to Guests on Reopening Day (Photos)

Hi everyone!

“it’s a small world” officially reopened today at Disneyland Paris after a year and a half of refurbishment! Our friend Rony from the DLPlicious YouTube channel sent along some photos of a card and brochure that were handed out today to guests.

First, here is the card. Disneyland Paris has been passing out quite a few collectible cards for events lately, which are nice takeaways. On the top, it says “Disneyland Paris Magical Icons”.

The back of the “it’s a small world” card talks about the ride and how it celebrates friendship, in both French and English. There is a ‘Disneyland Paris 30’ on the card, commemorating the 30th Anniversary of Disneyland Paris (which ends September 30th, 2023 after a year and a half celebration).

The brochure has the same artwork on the front as the card does. On the bottom, it says “A little booklet of big fun for everyone”.

This side features activities, where guests can look for the various symbols in the attraction (left) and color the “it’s a small world” characters (right).

This side of the brochure also includes some fun activities. To the left, which languages is “friend” shown in? In the middle, there is a “follow the arrow” activity. And to the right, get ready to sing along to “it’s a small world”!

And here is a video of the attraction from a preview a couple of days ago! Thanks again to Rony for the photos and video.

We look forward to riding on “it’s a small world” at Disneyland Paris again this fall!