Disneyland Paris

More Photos of “it’s a small world” at Disneyland Paris as it Reopens After Refurbishment

Hi everyone!

“it’s a small world” officially reopened at Disneyland Paris yesterday (May 5th, 2023). We posted an article including a video already from a preview day, thanks to our friend Rony at the DLPlicious YouTube channel. He then went back to take more photos for us yesterday (opening day). “it’s a small world” reopened after a year and a half closed, from November 2021 until now.

Here is a look at “it’s a small world” at Disneyland Paris!

Cast Members posed in front of “it’s a small world”. I love their costumes! Thank you to the Cast Members for posing for this photo.

You’ll notice that one of the Cast Members has a Dale plush with an “it’s a small world” costume!

Now for the ride. The topiaries in front of “it’s a small world” look great!

Guests lined up to ride “it’s a small world”.

The Premier Access clock is nicely themed for “it’s a small world”.

Boats enter the attraction.

The exterior of the ride was painted as well. We took photos of the work last fall as it was progressing.

Guests are ready to board the boats.


And here are photos of “it’s a small world” from inside!

London is featured in this room with Ireland to the left.

More than 300 dolls have been refreshed, and all the animal figurines, animated accessories and more than a hundred toys.  

There are dolls in wheelchairs now for inclusivity.

Here are more photos from inside the ride!

Lighting within the attraction has also been modernized. The finale scene looks especially beautiful.

This doll also has a wheelchair.

I can’t wait to ride “it’s a small world” at Disneyland again this fall! Thank you again to Rony from the DLPlicious YouTube channel for the photos.