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Walt Disney World Celebrating Mother’s Day with Birth of Red River Hog

Hi everyone!

Mother’s Day is this weekend, and Walt Disney World is celebrating the birth of a red river hog at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge! Mom Daisy delivered the male piglet last month and they have been backstage bonding since then. The baby red river hog has not been named yet and joins seven members of the red river hog family. Disney shared these photos, along with information about the pair.

Disney says:

Animal moms, like Daisy, help provide guidance to their young by teaching the skills and behaviors needed to thrive as an adult red river hog. But she’s not doing it all on her own! All members of the family have pitching in and spending a lot of time teaching the playful piglet how to forage and wallow.

Animals at Walt Disney World (moms, dads and babies) are given the choice to participate in their own health care. Daisy trusts her keepers and would enter a specialized crate during her pregnancy (she also gave birth in 2022) for ultrasounds and piglet health checks by the veterinarians during Daisy’s 4 month gestation period.

Daisy and her baby should be on the Pembe Savanna soon! You may see them wallowing in the mud, which is natural  for red river hogs to give them protection from the sun and from insects. Red river hogs are also born with striped patterning that Disney says “helps them blend into the vegetation, which keeps them safe from predators”.

Congratulations to mom Daisy on her new piglet!

And Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms who are reading this.