Denise's Corner

Vintage Video: Monorail Ride in the Front Cab to EPCOT in 1991

Hi everyone!

Jeff has gone into his extensive vintage archives this week for a 1991 monorail ride in the front cab to EPCOT from the TTC at Walt Disney World. The video was actually shot by his father, who shows a bit of the cab as well as the views from the front (the front cab is no longer used for guest rides).

The views include Wonders of Life, Horizons, World of Motion, Journey Into Imagination and more. And it is great to hear the old spiel again. Both Jeff and I have been visiting EPCOT since it opened (Jeff first visited Walt Disney World in 1971 and myself in 1977).

Do you remember the monorail back in the early 1990s?

We will continue to post vintage Walt Disney World videos through the summer and longer! I know Jeff is working on a Voyage of the Little Mermaid video for probably next week, from the 1992 opening year at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. He has taken a lot of video (and photos) through the years at the Disney parks.