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Ariel from Live-Action “The Little Mermaid” Debuts at Disneyland Paris in Interactive Experience

Hi everyone!

Disneyland Paris is celebrating “The Little Mermaid” with an interactive experience! This is not a meet and greet like at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Walt Disney World (where we just met her today)

The Disneyland Paris Ariel interactive experience looks like a fun, joyful event. Ariel will be available to see several times per day at the Production Courtyard area in Walt Disney Studios Park through June 23rd, 2023.

Read below for more information from Disneyland Paris!

Disneyland Paris is celebrating the release of “The Little Mermaid” by introducing an interactive and playful experience with Ariel from the live action story several times per day in the Production Courtyard area at Walt Disney Studios Park through June 23.

This new entertainment offering allows us to continue to deliver compelling experiences to our guests by immersing them in the latest Disney stories, while promoting diversity and inclusion values at the heart of this new onscreen adaptation.

Ariel from the animated story continues to appear in Disneyland Park. Guests can check the app to find the character location for Ariel from the animated story.