Universal Studios Orlando

Tour of Bake My Day in Minion Land at Universal Orlando (Photos, Video)

Hi everyone!

The Bake My Day shop soft opened Saturday with much of Minion Land at Universal Orlando. We were there for much of the day (in part due to a lengthy rainstorm). Bake My Day sells baked goods and merchandise including dedicated items to the location.

Here is our tour in photos and video of Bake My Day! The first photos here I took after the weather turned nice in the afternoon.

This one photo I took a week or two ago before the soft opening, with a Minion on top of the cupcake.

Minion on top of Bake My Day at Universal Orlando Minion Land

Here is our video tour of Bake My Day, followed by photos.

The windows feature items like a unicorn Loungefly backpack and a mug.

A Ferris wheel in the window features unicorn plush.

Walking inside, there is a display of merchandise. This isn’t a big shop, and it felt even smaller the first day with everyone who was photographing and others just there to enjoy the Minion Land soft opening.

There is a Minion with a bow and arrow on top of a display.

The arrows hit their mark.

The Minion is surrounded by arrows as he sticks to the ceiling.

Shelves around the store feature items that include Minion cupcake plush, unicorn bags and pillows.

Here is the unicorn Loungefly up close.

There is a Bake My Day ear headband that includes a small unicorn.

This is the opposite side of one window display.

There is a Spirit Jersey that says “Yours Forever” and a shirt that says the same (with “Fluffy”).

The pillow says Bake My Day.

The mug seemed to be a popular item.

There are prepackaged treats as well as fresh ones.

If you are looking for a sweet magnet, you can find one here.

There are some phone cases that also say Bake My Day.

More merchandise is along the walls.

I entered the line first thing in the morning for treats. By later in the day, there were a lot fewer items to choose from. I will show that after looking through the case.

There is a yellow Minion Cupcake. The prices can often be pretty much impossible to see (at least on the first day).

There was a Bunny Cupcake.

The Evil Minion cupcake looked yummy. There were various macarons above them.

Several sugar cookies are next, including a Fluffy Sugar Cookie.

A Tim Sugar Cookie is next.

And a Bob Sugar Cookie.

The row of Minion Apples share a smile.

Chocolate Banana Cake Pop.

I bought an Evil Minion S’more. It was really good! I think I was undercharged, but I have no idea since I can’t see the price.

There was a Fluffy S’more too.

In the early afternoon, there were a lot fewer items to purchase. A few items in the case were also no longer Minion themed, just regular treats to fill up empty spots (and there were also empty spots). It was the first day and the shop very busy each time I went in.

Bake My Day is a cute shop, with fun merchandise and treats (albeit the latter are a bit pricey from the prices I was able to see). But that extends to treats in the land like popcorn and the Freeze Ray Pops. I enjoyed my Evil Minion S’more and it came in an adorable themed box!

Minion Land officially opens this summer with the upcoming Illumination’s VillainCon Minion Blast, but a lot of the land is under technical rehearsal (soft opening) now.