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Disneyland Paris to Add Automated Pay Stations at Parking Lot Toll Plaza

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Disneyland Paris will add automated pay stations at most lanes of the parking lot toll plaza. The lane on the far left will be able to accept cash, gift vouchers and more while other toll booths will be able to operate either automatically or with ticketing hosts and hostesses.

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Disneyland Paris Toll Plaza 2023

Photo by Jeff Lange, Mousesteps

From 21 June 2023, access to the Disney Car Park will be modernised with the installation of automated terminals. This will ensure a smoother entry sequence.

Disney Car Park handles an average of 2,700 vehicles every day. The toll plaza is seeing a major project come to fruition: the installation of automated payment terminals. While the lane on the far left will continue to offer only payment such as cash, gift vouchers, holiday vouchers or bank cards, the other lanes will be able to operate with ticketing hosts and hostesses or in automatic mode. They will accept bank cards as well as all free modes (Disney ID, Pass en Scène, Annual Pass, Magic Pass), by scanning a receipt. The lanes concerned will be marked with the “CB” pictogram indicating that only payment by card is accepted.

Photo copyright Disneyland Paris

This automation will enable Cast Members to concentrate on their role of welcoming, guiding and providing information to our guests. They will also be able to be assigned to manual payment or the management of any incidents in the automated lanes.