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Disney’s Grand Floridian Main Building Construction Update from June 21st, 2023

Hi everyone!

Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort is undergoing a major refurbishment at the main building right now. A lot of the work appears to be in the guest rooms, which has been ongoing for many months in various buildings around the resort. I don’t know if any lobby work will be happening yet but there is a wall that cuts off some of the lobby.

Here are photos of construction/refurbishment at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort!

I was walking to Disney’s Grand Floridian from the Magic Kingdom and noticed walls on this side of the main building.

My first stop was to Gasparilla Island Grill to pick up a snack.

The path to get into the restaurant is narrow with construction tarps and walls around it.

I then started working my way to the entrance of the building.

There are long walls along the way.

There is work going on at the Summerhouse building, with the roof mostly stripped.

Plenty of small trees in planters flank this main building entrance to conceal some of the work going on.

Inside the lobby, there is a large wall. On the other side is construction equipment.

Fresh flowers still brighten up the lobby.

The floors above are blocked with tarps/curtains.

Here is a look at what is behind the wall. There was some construction noise at this time (around 1p) but not a lot.

More plants are blocking views when guests leave the monorail and enter into the resort.

The work on other buildings seems a lot better than during my last stop here a month or two ago.

Hopefully the construction here in the main building will be relatively quick. I will stop by here again soon for more photos.

4 thoughts on “Disney’s Grand Floridian Main Building Construction Update from June 21st, 2023

  • I really appreciate the progress of the refurbishment at the Grand Floridian. We are staying there in October 2023 and hopefully the major works will be completed. We can’t wait for your next update. Thx heaps.

    • Thanks Garry! I hope the work will be mostly done for your stay. I will have another update within a week or so. – Denise

  • Thanks for doing this- very much appreciated. Any new updates at GF since your last post?

    • Hi! We plan to go tomorrow (we had planned earlier this week but couldn’t make it). So look for a new update by Sunday. – Denise

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