shopDisney Adds New 2023 Disney Sketchbook Ornaments, Including Roger Rabbit, Wall-E

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shopDisney has added a variety of Sketchbook Ornaments today, including Roger Rabbit in “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” for the 35th Anniversary of the film; a “The Little Mermaid” live-action Ariel ornament; and Donald Duck and José Carioca for the 80th Anniversary of “Saludos Amigos”. Those are just a few of the great ornaments now available!

Here are 8 of the Disney Sketchbook Ornaments that were released today. More details – and more Disney Sketchbook Ornaments – are on shopDisney while they remain available.

Saludos Amigos Legacy Sketchbook Ornament – 80th Anniversary – Limited Release

A pulsing city of color and excitement comes alive for Donald Duck and José Carioca as they samba through Rio de Janerio, Brazil, on this Legacy Sketchbook Ornament commemorating the 80th Anniversary of Walt Disney’s animated South American travelogue Saludos Amigos.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit Legacy Sketchbook Ornament – 35th Anniversary – Limited Release

P-p-please…! Why dont’cha do right and hang this Legacy Sketchbook Ornament on the holiday tree? Featuring Maroon Cartoons’ biggest star bursting from his famous title card rings, it commemorates the 35th Anniversary of our live-action and animation film classic, Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

WALL•E Legacy Sketchbook Ornament – 15th Anniversary – Limited Release

WALL•E and E.V.E. deck the deserted halls of planet Earth in remembrance of the film’s 15th Anniversary for this fully sculpted, limited release Sketchbook Ornament from the Legacy series.

A translucent umbrella dome and detailed scenic base help recycle the romantic tale of the enamored robot duo that nutured a new world.

Robin Hood Legacy Sketchbook Ornament – 50th Anniversary – Limited Release

”Oo-de-lally,” golly what a holiday you’ll be having when hanging this Legacy Sketchbook Ornament on the family tree.

Featuring that foxy freedom fighter from Sherwood Forest, Robin Hood, and his lady love, Maid Marian, this bold sculpted bauble commemorates the 50th Anniversary of Disney’s animated classic.

Monsters University Legacy Sketchbook Ornament – 10th Anniversary – Limited Release

Monsters University Scare School alumni Mike Wazowski and James P. Sullivan return for a homecoming holiday reunion in your family tree with this fully sculpted figural ornament from the Sketchbook Legacy Collection.

Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Disney and Pixar’s animated sequel, it’s sure to earn suspension throughout the season!

The Little Mermaid Sketchbook Ornament – Live Action Film

Invite Ariel, Sebastian, Scuttle and Flounder to be part of your world this holiday season with a fully sculpted figural ornament inspired by Disney’s live action film The Little Mermaid.

With her dinglehopper, iridescent fishtail, translucent stream, and glittering seabed, our mermaid princess is determined to make daring dreams come true.

Oliver & Company Legacy Sketchbook Ornament – 35th Anniversary – Limited Release

Sing-out ”Why should I worry?” while Oliver and Dodger steal hearts this holiday season from this Legacy Sketchbook Ornament commemorating the 35th Anniversary of Disney’s animated feature Oliver and Company.

They’ll leave you begging for more!

Kuzco Sketchbook Ornament – The Emperor’s New Groove

Rule over a kingdom of the sun all season long with this Sketchbook Ornament hanging in a place of honor on the holiday tree.

Kuzco steps into the spotlight through a golden palace doorway in a sculpted scene inspired by animated Disney fan favorite The Emperor’s New Groove. What more could you want, a llama?



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