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(Photos, Video) “TOGETHER: A Pixar Musical Adventure” Sneak Peek Shared by Disneyland Paris

Hi everyone!

TOGETHER: A  Pixar Musical Adventure” opens on July 15th, 2023, and Disneyland Paris has shared a sneak peek video as well as some photos of the wonderful show. We were invited to the press event that also included a press conference. Our friend and reporter Rony covered the event for us and called “TOGETHER: A Pixar Musical Adventure” a “Brilliant” and “Must-See” show. Read our review article here.

First, here is the video sneak peek. I have been told that it doesn’t do justice to the 30-minute show, “TOGETHER: A Pixar Musical Adventure” really is a show you’ll want to see in person! Photography was not allowed during the media event and I am not sure if it will be allowed after it officially opens in Studio Theater at Walt Disney Studios Park.

The synopsis for “TOGETHER: A Pixar Musical Adventure” from Disneyland Paris is:

Charlie, a child who is passionate about music, dreams of conducting the orchestra for their school’s end-of-year gala. But something unexpected happens and Charlie loses the precious sheet music on the eve of the concert! As the child falls asleep, Woody and their Toy Story friends wake up and join forces to recover the scores scattered throughout various Pixar stories.

From the beloved Toy Story crew to Coco’s vibrant decor, the world of UpMonsters, Inc. or Finding Nemo’s underwater reef, guests will be invited to embark on an immersive and multisensory poetic journey.

Here is a look at the Toy Story segment.

Lotso, Woody and Jessie hold onto the scores with Bullseye looking on.

Characters for the “Toy Story” segment include Woody and Jessie, Rex, Lots-o’-Huggin’ Bear and Bullseye. There are more than 30 artists and Pixar characters on stage during the show.

The word “immersive” can be overused, but it is very much an appropriate definition for “TOGETHER: A Pixar Musical Adventure”. Disneyland Paris says of the show, that it is a “multi-layered sensory experience, stimulating guests’ senses through live music, visual technologies, water effects, scents and more, blurring the line between fantasy and reality”

Miguel plays the guitar in the “Coco” segment.

Sulley and Mike Wazowski are in the “Monsters, Inc.” segment.

The “Finding Nemo” segment looks beautiful!

TOGETHER: A  Pixar Musical Adventure” has an eight piece orchestra that plays with the soundtrack that was recorded in Nashville.

Here is the full signature song called “Together We Are One”.

The orchestra is an integral part of the story.

I am excited to see “TOGETHER: A Pixar Musical Adventure” in September at Disneyland Paris!