Amazon Exclusive Funko Pop! “The Muppet Christmas Carol” Gonzo (Charles Dickens) and Rizzo Available for Preorder

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An Amazon Exclusive Funko Pop! & Buddy – The Muppet Christmas Carol Gonzo (as Charles Dickens) and Rizzo (flocked) is scheduled to release on October 14th (originally September 11th, 2023) and is now available for preorder! This is just one of a number of “The Muppet Christmas Carol” Funko Pop figures available to preorder.

Read below for more information on the Amazon Exclusive Funko Pop The Muppet Christmas Carol Gonzo (as Charles Dickens) and Rizzo (flocked), with more information at Amazon while it remains available.

Funko Pop! & Buddy: Disney Holiday – The Muppet Christmas Carol, Gonzo as Charles Dickens with Rizzo (Flocked), Amazon Exclusive

  • Embrace the spirit of the season with the Muppets! Enjoy a timeless classic as the Muppets perform Charles Dicken’s A Christmas Carol, featuring Gonzo as Pop! Charles Dickens with Rizzo!

  • The holidays will last all year when you welcome this exclusive, flocked Pop! & Buddy Bob Charles Dickens with Rizzo into your home and reunite them with the rest of the The Muppet Christmas Carol cast in your collection

  • Vinyl figures are approximately 4.95 and 2.15-inches tall


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