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Video: Halloween Merchandise at the Magic Kingdom Emporium for 2023 Season

Hi everyone!

Halloween merchandise has arrived to the Magic Kingdom Emporium! There is a variety of different items, including a Mickey & Friends theme; Hocus Pocus and The Nightmare Before Christmas items.

Here is our 12-minute video of all the merchandise, followed by a handful of photos.  Some merchandise is currently on shopDisney, more will be arriving there on August 7th.

The seasonal section of the Emporium is filled with the merchandise. There is also some decor, including Disney character artwork.

Mickey peers through his fingers while Pluto looks menacing.

Mickey, Chip and Dale are in the artwork here.

There is a fun Mickey pumpkin Loungefly mini backpack.

Here is the side of the backpack.

A similar Mickey design is on the Crocs. They glow in the dark!

And there is also a hat.

Mickey tops this Halloween ear headband.

A Mickey Halloween plush is sure to be popular.

I love all the color on this orange Walt Disney World Halloween Spirit Jersey.

There is a variety of Hocus Pocus merchandise.

A Spirit Jersey is just one of the items available.

If you are looking for a Mickey pumpkin, that is here too!

“The Nightmare Before Christmas” merchandise includes this Spirit Jersey. This can be currently found on shopDisney, along with many other items. Both “The Nightmare Before Christmas” and “Hocus Pocus” turn 30 this year.

The Sally hat is really nice.

There is a ton of fun Halloween merchandise this year!


I will be posting more about the Halloween merchandise once it arrives to shopDisney on Monday.



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