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Halloween Pumpkins and Décor at the Magic Kingdom for 2023 Season (Photos, Video)

Hi everyone!

The Magic Kingdom has been decorated for Halloween 2023! We visited twice as the decorations (including themed pumpkins) were being installed. The one thing I don’t have is Mickey pumpkins on the lamp posts, but I will have a few photos to add this weekend after Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party kicks off.

Here are over 80 photos of Halloween at the Magic Kingdom as well as a video! I talk about the meanings of the scarecrows and some of the pumpkins as I do almost every year in the article.

Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party begins on Friday, August 11th! The displays are out at both the Magic Kingdom (here) and the TTC.

Here is our video of the Halloween decorations that were up the first day we visited for Halloween.

Two large pumpkins are back in front of the Magic Kingdom. Behind them, the Disney100 logo in the floral display.

The duo of pumpkins are also at either entrance into the park.

The photo op allows guests to have a Halloween themed photo with Cinderella Castle in the background. There is almost always a Photopass photographer here (we had our photo taken after I took this).

The scarecrows are themed to the various Main Street locations and Cast Members. This scarecrow is themed to the Main Street Confectionery.

This scarecrow is themed to Casey’s Corner.

The scarecrow here holds a Main Street U.S.A. Emporium bag as well as a pumpkin Mickey doll.

The Main Street Bakery is now a Starbucks location, but the scarecrow is still themed to the bakery.

The Main Street Philharmonic is included in scarecrow form.

The Mayor of Main Street used to be a Citizens of Main Street character.

His Mickey Mouse pocketwatch could use a replacement, it is hard to see Mickey.

I miss the Citizens of Main Street.

On the first day we arrived, the restroom themed pumpkin was on City Hall (this photo is not from that day). I noticed it right away. It has since been moved to its rightful spot at the Main Street Firehouse.

Banners and wreaths hang from the Main Street Railroad Station and elsewhere.

The Main Street Firehouse has its usual assortment of themed pumpkins, along with the restroom directional pumpkin (my favorite of all).

It points to the restrooms around the corner.

Other pumpkins are dalmatian themed.

There is also a fire hydrant pumpkin.

Looking toward the Car Barn, the Harmony Barber Shop is to the right.

There is a Barbershop Quartet of pumpkins on top.

While the pumpkins are the same as other years, we did ride the Omnibus for some of the photos early in the morning.

These pumpkins are on top of the Main Street Confectionery. Some pumpkins have no story and are just decoration.

I always like seeing the snowman (snowperson?) pumpkin.

Also above the Main Street Confectionery are candy themed pumpkins.

And below, Donald and the nephews take up a couple of windows again this year. They are dressed in candy corn costumes.

Donald is in one window. Daisy used to be in these windows dressed in a Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party CM outfit, but no longer does. Daisy can be found in a window on Center Street and I will show that in a bit.

Huey, Dewey and Louie are in the other window.

They also are in their candy corn costumes.

Above the Main Street Cinema, there is the film reel pumpkin.

Mickey is shown in the reel.

there is also a ghost pumpkin.

To the left above “Watches” is a Mickey Mouse watch.

There are also a couple of other pumpkins in the window.

Above Uptown Jewelers is the engagement ring.

Across the street at the Main Street Emporium is this quartet of pumpkins that always reminds me a bit of “The Wizard of Oz”.

There is a lot of Halloween merchandise in the Main Street Emporium.

Mickey, Chip & Dale and other characters are in artwork here.

Items like this Loungefly bag can found on shopDisney until supplies run out. I love the design here!

The Halloween Mickey pumpkin Spirit Jersey is also really nice.

Back outside, there are plenty of more pumpkins to be found.

Down Center Street, there are two pumpkins above the Art Festival building.

One of the pumpkins has a pencil carved in it.

The other, a paintbrush.

Above this building, there is a pumpkin that looks like a schoolhouse.

Daisy is below in the window, with daisies surrounding her. This window would have been here when Center Street reopened, but I had not seen it yet until last week.

The rain was still on the window.

On Main Street U.S.A., the Roy E. Disney and family windows are nautical themed – and the pumpkins are as well.

One pumpkin features a sailboat.

The other pumpkin looks like the symbol for the Disney Cruise Line.

Across the street, there is a clown pumpkin.

More pumpkins include a witch pumpkin.

I always call this a Skellington key pumpkin because it looks like Jack Skellington.

A spider hangs from a thread.

There used to be a Magic shop here, it still says House of Magic. And the pumpkins above are themed to magic.

Pumpkins include a crystal ball theme and a wand.

There is also a rabbit in a hat and a deck of cards.

The Plaza Ice Cream Parlor features pumpkins with an ice cream theme.

There are several pumpkins above the Plaza Restaurant.

Casey’s Corner has a number of pumpkins themed to the location.

Peanuts and a baseball are two of the pumpkins.

There is a hot dog.

Two bats.

Other pumpkins are above this Casey’s Corner entrance.

This one always reminds me of Mickey.

And the “See Ya Real Soon” pumpkins are up!

We will be posting all about Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party this year. We have tickets to the first three parties! So look for plenty of articles and videos in the coming week.


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