Disney 100 Celebration Figure Pack ‘Furry Friendships’ Now Available

Hi everyone!

The last Disney100 Celebration Figure Pack I am posting about is D100 Celebration Figure Pack – Furry Friendships. These have been a very popular pack series since they debuted earlier this year from Just Play, celebrating 100 years of the Walt Disney Company. You can find all that are available currently on Amazon (and probably at other retailers). D100 Celebration Figure Pack – Furry Friendships has been visible on Amazon this month but this is the first time I’ve seen it in stock.

Characters in the D100 Celebration Figure Pack – Furry Friendships include Nick and Judy, Chip and Dale, and Copper and Tod from “The Fox and the Hound”.

Read below for more information on the D100 Celebration Figure Pack – Furry Friendships, with additional details at Amazon (and other retailers) while it remains available. The series has gone in and out of stock since debuting.

D100 Celebration Figure Pack – Furry Friendships, Kids Toys for Ages 3 Up

  • Includes: 10 figures.
  • Fantastic Furry Friendships: Celebrate a lifetime of warm and fuzzy memories with the Disney100 Years of Furry Friendships Celebration Collection Limited Edition Figure Pack.

  • A Century of Storytelling: This collection, filled with 10 approximately 3-inch figures, celebrates 100 Years of Disney wonder – and the fur-tastic power of friendship.
  • A Once-in-a-Lifetime Exclusive: All figures in this pack were artfully designed in honor of the 100th Anniversary of The Walt Disney Company.

  • A Century of Hair-Raising Fun: This set includes Judy Hopps, Nick Wilde, Timon, Pumbaa, Copper, Tod, Chip, Dale, Thumper, and Bambi.



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